Back in 2006, three students at Rice University had big dreams of performing in a competitive dance team celebrating the style and tradition of Bhangra - a traditional folk dance originating in the state of Punjab that celebrates the arrival of spring and everyday Punjabi culture. So, they put their hearts and souls into the creation of just that, and Chowl Bhangra was born...

Now, Chowl Bhangra is Rice's premier South Asian dance team that performs and competes in and around Houston, Texas, and beyond. Bhangra has allowed us to express ourselves though dance, to immerse ourselves in our culture, and to gain a greater sense of community as we continue to grow as a team. 

We aim to display bhangra in its purest, most traditional form, while still incorporating a modern twist into our performance. We hope to have many lively and energetic performances for you to see!

Chowl Bhangra also performs at weddings, sangeets, and various cultural events. If you are interested in having Chowl perform at YOUR event and excite the crowd, contact us for prices and more details!


Gig Logistics


1st Place (2009)


3rd Place (2013)

Nasha - University of Houston

3rd Place (2012)

ICC Houston Dance Competition